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Get all jobs

Get all jobs

Query Parameters
$top String

The max number of records.

$skip String

The number of records to skip.

$filter String

A function that must evaluate to true for a record to be returned.

$select String

Specifies a subset of properties to return. Use a comma separated list.

$orderby String

Determines what values are used to order a collection of records.

$expand String

Use to add related query data.

Header Parameters
x-instance string

The target instance for the request

x-company string

The target company for the request



context String OPTIONAL
value object[] OPTIONAL
id uuid OPTIONAL
jobTaskId uuid OPTIONAL
jobNo String OPTIONAL
taskNo String OPTIONAL
lineNo int32 OPTIONAL
description String OPTIONAL
itemNo String OPTIONAL
serviceBillingType int32 OPTIONAL

Possible values: [0, 1, 2, 3, 100]