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Welcome to DYCE Job Billing

With the app DYCE Job Billing, services can be invoiced easily. Among other things, the system supports the user with flexible billing models.

Services can be offered and ordered by customers in a similar way as merchandise. They can be bundled in the form of projects and are billed either via project orders or separately from these on an ad hoc basis. A distinction can be made between the Service Billing Type for each Service. There is a choice between a capped budget, which can be reduced or increased as required, a fixed price, which is only billed as a whole, and the option of billing according to the actual work involved.

Services are provided by individuals who record their time on each project component. Project managers review these Time Recordings, make corrections if necessary, and then approve them for billing. In the process, project managers are alerted to any budget overruns.

Invoicing can be done per project order or in batches. For explanatory purposes, a Detail Overview can be automatically added to each invoice, showing the details of the services invoiced.