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Welcome to DYCE Job Billing

With DYCE Job Billing you can easily bill for services. Flexible billing models support you and ensure significant time savings.

Are you looking for a management system for Microsoft Business Central with which you can offer and invoice all services in the form of projects? The workflow should be efficient and traceable? DYCE Job Billing is the solution for you.

Billing for services is now easier than ever - with DYCE Job Billing

By using our management app, you can offer services in the same way as retail items and have them commissioned by customers. They can be bundled as projects and billed via project orders or separately from them.

Choose between a capped budget, which can be increased or decreased as needed, and a fixed price, which is always billed as a whole. You can also bill services according to the actual time and effort involved (Time & Material).

With our time tracking software DYCE Time Tracking project managers always have an overview. Employees record their billable times. These times can then be checked by the project management, corrected if necessary and released for billing.

Features of Job Billing

  • Linking of Sales Orders and Jobs
  • Creation of tasks for sales orders and scheduling in the budget
  • Different types of billing models (time & material, budget, fixed price)
  • Acquisition of task-relevant external services and resources
  • Automatic rounding up of Time Recordings (example: 50 min to 1h)
  • Automatic adding of details about the service on the invoice

Supported versions

This app supports both Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported languages

DYCE Job Billing is available in English (ENU) and German (DEU).