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Purpose and benefit of DYCE Job Billing

The aim of project invoicing with DYCE Job Billing is to be able to invoice services and items (later also travel expenses) for a customer project in one step via Sales Orders and to control the project's budget.

All commercial aspects of a project can be recorded and calculated in quotes and orders. A project manager can check Time Recordings and release them for invoicing. At the same time, the project manager receives an overview of the current status of the project's budget. Project requirements such as hardware or external services can be ordered on an order-by-order basis.

The services to be provided in the project can vary and therefore they can be billed according to Time & Material, as a lump sum or at a fixed price. The details of the billed services are listed in a Detail Overview per invoice. Cancellation of services including automatic correction of the project budget is also possible.

In order to make time recording as easy as possible for the user, a time recording model is available for each project. The time recording model also supports rounding to whole work units for billing to customers.
Time Tracking is available as a web application called DYCE Web App. There is integration in the form of add-ins in Azure DevOps and the Jira products from Atlassian. A version for mobile devices will follow later.