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Welcome to DYCE Usage Based Billing

The demand-based provision of services requires a high degree of flexibility in both the creation and billing of Services. Thanks to the automated usage data import of DYCE Usage Based Billing, all steps - from the import of billing data to invoicing - are combined in one interface. Would you like to organize your services on the basis of suitable contracts? DYCE Usage Based Billing provides the solution.

Since the provision of services is usually associated with a duration, the term subscription is often used in this context. Depending on the pricing model, a monthly basic fee plus a usage-dependent fee (e.g. per user, per transaction, etc.) can be charged for use. In addition, prices can often also vary depending on the quantity (graduated prices).

Importing and processing usage data through Usage Based Billing

If your company offers certain services on demand, it can be time-consuming to bill these individually. Often information is missing or the billing is confusing. DYCE Usage Based Billing extends the functionality of DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing. It allows you to seamlessly import usage data from various vendors into the ERP system. The data is then processed and proper prices are calculated. Using existing or available contracts, you can then create suitable invoices with just a few clicks. If you wish, you can also display a detailed overview of all items on the invoices. This is then also visible on the print version of the invoice.

In the first expansion stage, the module offers a generic import and can therefore be used individually and independent of suppliers.

Features of Usage Based Billing

  • Import of usage data from different suppliers via reconciliation files or web services
  • Daily accurate billing even for quantity changes and partial periods
  • Billing proposals with details for all services to be billed in a single overview
  • Contract invoices include an overview of billing details
  • Contract credits and refunds

Supported versions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported Languages

DYCE Usage Based Billing is available in English (ENU) and German (DEU).