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Features of DYCE Usage Based Billing

Master data

  • Service Commitment Templates and Service Commitment Packages to be used with Usage Based Billing
  • Suppliers with different import schemes
  • Integration of Data Exchange Definitions


  • Use of items with usage-based billing in sales documents

Contract management

  • Creation of contracts based on usage data
  • Subsequent linking of transaction data with usage data

Usage data

  • Import of usage data from different suppliers
  • Import via reconciliation files or via web service
  • Processing suitable for mass data incl. pricing
  • Daily accurate billing also for quantity changes and partial periods

Contract billing

  • Customer pricing based on different criteria
  • Overview of the Service Commitments to be billed as a Billing Proposal with details
  • Creation of contract invoices in batches
  • Detail Overview of the contract invoice with billing details
  • Credit Memos for Contracts and refunds