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Posting documents

Invoices and Credit Memos are called Posting Documents because these documents can be posted. When creating these documents via Job Billing, the system recognizes whether an invoice or a credit memo is to be created based on the underlying Job Planning Lines. This applies to Job Tasks both with and without a link to a Sales Order.

Invoicing of services

Service invoices can be generated in several ways. The Job Orders - Services Billing page displays those Sales Orders that contain a service that has been performed but not yet billed. From here, either the Sales Order can be opened and the invoice posted directly through that Sales Order, or the invoices can be generated via batch processing.

Alternatively, the Billable Planning Lines page shows all the Job Planning Lines of the marked Job Tasks without a reference to a sales order, that can be invoiced. Invoices can also be batch generated here. The Billable Planning Lines page is opened via Invoicing action (action group Home) in Job Billing.
The Job Orders - Services Billing page is thus only suitable for invoicing Sales Orders (with a Job reference). The Billable Planning Lines page can be used to invoice services without a link to a Sales Order.

The batch processing in the Billable Planning Lines page runs through all Billable Job Planning Lines without a sales order reference and creates an invoice per Job. It checks for cancelled services, for which the corresponding Credit Memo has not yet been posted. Since Credit Memos for cancelled services have an impact on the budget (see here), Credit Memos must be posted before a new invoice can be created and posted. Therefore, if (per Sales Order or per Job) a cancelled service is found that has not yet been posted, only the Credit Memo will be created first, but not the invoice.

Shipping services

In general, the posting of Time Recordings corresponds to the performance and thus the shipment of a service. This always creates billable Job Planning Lines and also Job Ledger Entries of type Usage.

Invoicing of Fixed Price Items

If the total quantity of a Fixed Price item is reached with the posting (shipment), the Qty. To Invoice field is automatically predefined with this quantity. For more information on billing Services at Fixed Price, see here.

Previews for Invoices and Credit Memos

In Business Central, in documents that have not yet been posted, the Preview Posting action provides the ability to preview the items that will be created when the document is posted. This functionality has been extended in DYCE for Sales Invoices and Sales Credit Memos so that a print preview of the posted document is also available. This functionality can be accessed via the Invoice Preview or Credit Memo Preview action (in the respective document via the Post menu).


Posting Documents for services or Jobs can be posted and printed or sent individually or in batches, as is usual in the Purchasing and Sales areas. Especially in the case of a large number of invoices, it is advisable to check the Posting Documents by batch after they have been generated, to post them in a second batch and, if necessary, also to print or send them via batch. In addition, a Detail Overview can be automatically added to the invoice for each service invoice. The Detail Overview contains details of the Time Recordings invoiced incl. goodwill times, if applicable.