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Add a new work item

Add a new work item

Query Parameters
$top String

The max number of records.

$skip String

The number of records to skip.

$filter String

A function that must evaluate to true for a record to be returned.

$select String

Specifies a subset of properties to return. Use a comma separated list.

$orderby String

Determines what values are used to order a collection of records.

$expand String

Use to add related query data.

Header Parameters
x-instance string

The target instance for the request

x-company string

The target company for the request

Request Body
source String
organization String
project String
id String
parentId String
title String
type String
status String
area String
iteration String
originalEstimate double
remaining double
completed double
contact String


source String OPTIONAL
organization String OPTIONAL
project String OPTIONAL
id String OPTIONAL
parentId String OPTIONAL
title String OPTIONAL
type String OPTIONAL
status String OPTIONAL
area String OPTIONAL
iteration String OPTIONAL
originalEstimate double OPTIONAL
remaining double OPTIONAL
completed double OPTIONAL
contact String OPTIONAL