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Welcome to DYCE Cockpit

With the DYCE app "Cockpit", companies make it easier for their employees to use Business Central. Every employee has the possibility to configure an individual part of the Role Center and to have the information relevant for him displayed and filtered here. To put it simply: DYCE Cockpit makes information actively available and one does not have to search for it manually. This enables a faster reaction as well as time saving in the daily business. For example, the employee sees his open to dos and the tasks assigned to him. This ensures that they are not overlooked and can be completed in time.

Manual filtering of records becomes obsolete#

Users always see the information they need in the form of individual cues at first glance in their Role Center. Information from the entire ERP system can be displayed in these cues. The contents can be filtered according to the user's own wishes.

In addition, the user can define that as soon as a cue exceeds a certain threshold, it takes on a different color. The colors can be used to signal an immediate need for action.

A total of 16 definable memory locations are available. The creation of own cues (filter views) is facilitated by predefined templates.

Features & Benefits#

  • Convenient and time-saving display of your records in the Role Center
  • Easy access to changing data sets that meet the same criteria
  • Automatic updates of the number of records
  • Dynamic date filters: The filter updates itself every day
  • Monitoring tasks based on thresholds
  • Easy: Create new filters based on defaults
  • Even easier: Copy selected filters for yourself or for other users

Use Cases#

  • My offers In the sales process, when an opportunity reaches a certain status, a sales quote is created. The responsible employee is assigned to the quote. Employees want to see the quotes they are responsible for.

  • Invoice orders One of the tasks of the Project Office team is to create invoices for delivered orders. For this, colleagues need an indicator that shows them that particular items have been shipped. However, the colleagues do not create each invoice individually but use batch processing for this purpose due to time constraints. At least three orders should be processed at once. At the same time, however, employees are urged not to leave too many orders unbilled.

  • Expiring quotations The Sales team monitors the validity of quotes to follow up on old quotes without a response. To do this, sales reps have created a cue that shows them all quotes that exceed the entered validity within a week. This way, they avoid overlooking a quote and losing a potential deal.

  • Post Invoices Posting invoices and credit memos is one of the tasks in the Financial Accounting team. Since employees have to keep track of many different tasks, they would like to save themselves the time of steadily manual checking the respective items. They would like to react as soon as an invoice or credit memo is ready for posting.

Supported versions#

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries#


Supported languages#

This app is available in English and German.