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Updates, bug fixes and new features

DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing is updated at frequent intervals and is always compatible with current and upcoming versions of Business Central. Bug fixes are applied immediately at night. New features are added on Sunday night after the 15th of the month. The change log describes the relevant changes to each version.

Published versions

DateDYCE VersionBusiness Central Versions
24.04.20222022.419.1 - 20.x
19.04.20222022.3.319.1 - 20.x
11.04.20222022.3.219.1 - 20.x
05.04.20222022.3.119.1 - 20.x
19.03.20222022.319.1 - 20.x

Changes in version 2022.4

New features

  • Planned: Roles can be edited with one click and without selecting the user.

Changes in version 2022.3.3


  • Correction of the scrolling position, when a time recording was created from a template and opened "Show" in the message.
  • Correction of the language and region recognition on the first login.

Changes in version 2022.3.2


  • Correction of the error message if the time span between start and end is smaller than the break.

Changes in version 2022.3.1


  • Fixes the missing loading animation of Job Task and Activity lookups.
  • Fixes the display of an empty line of the Job Task's lookup.
  • Fixes that customer and job were not automatically entered in case of a very slow internet connection, if the Job Task was entered and the time tracking was closed immediately.
  • Fixes that the field length of a category cannot exceed 100 characters.
  • Fixes an unnecessary loading animation, when closing a time tracking on a day not equal to today.