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Updates, bug fixes and new features

DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing is updated at frequent intervals and is always compatible with current and upcoming versions of Business Central. Bug fixes are applied immediately at night. New features are added on Sunday night after the 15th of the month. The change log describes the relevant changes to each version.

Published versions

DateDYCE VersionBusiness Central Versions
31.12.20222022.12.120.5 - 21.x
18.12.20222022.1220.5 - 21.x
26.11. - 13.12.20222022.11 - 2022.11.519.1 - 20.x
15.10.20222022.1019.1 - 20.x
16.09.20222022.919.1 - 20.x
18.05.20222022.519.1 - 20.x
24.04.20222022.419.1 - 20.x
05.04. - 19.04.20222022.3.1 - 2022.3.319.1 - 20.x
19.03.20222022.319.1 - 20.x

Changes in version 2022.12 - 2022.12.1

New Features

  • Assign task to resources and use these tasks to create time recordings.
  • In the date field, t (German h) can be used as a keyboard shortcut for today.


  • When changing the company, the tasks are reloaded.

Changes in version 2022.11 - 2022.11.5

New features

  • Login with different users is supported.
  • When changing the project task, the activity is not deleted if it remains valid.
  • Tab and Shift+Tab always navigate to the next / previous field and the autocomplete is executed.


  • The activity is displayed correctly after using a template and can be edited directly.
  • The Time Tracking menu item is highlighted when the page is selected.
  • Improvement of error feedback for users with incomplete setup.
  • If a Time Tracking environment or company has been deleted, the selection of all available clients will be displayed at the next login.
  • Autocomplete in the Activity field is executed even after correcting an incorrect entry.
  • On login the last used company will be defaulted to, unless it does not exist anymore.

Changes in version 2022.10

New features

  • When deleting the activity, the Job Task will not be deleted.

Changes in version 2022.9


  • Templates can be saved again.
  • Holidays are no longer displayed in the dashboard unless set up otherwise.

Changes in version 2022.5


  • Time Recordings can be moved to days without capacity.
  • Template can be seledted by double-click.

Changes in version 2022.4

New features

  • Roles can be edited with one click and without selecting the user.

Changes in version 2022.3.1 - 2022.3.3


  • When opening a time recording via a notification, the pages scrolls to the correct position.
  • Improvement of region and language detection at first login.
  • Correction of the error message if the time span between start and end is smaller than the break.
  • Added missing loading animation in Project Task and Activity lookup.
  • Empty lines are no longer displayed in lookups.
  • Customer is filled after entering the project even with very slow internet connection.
  • Corrected the field length of 100 characters in categories.
  • Removed a loading animation when closing a time entry on a day other than "Today".