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Updates, bug fixes and new features

DYCE Time Tracking is updated at frequent intervals and is always compatible with current and upcoming versions of Business Central. Bug fixes are applied immediately overnight. New features are added on Sunday night after the 15th of the month. This change log describes the relevant changes for each of the last five version.

An overview of the older versions of DYCE Time Tracking can be found in the change log archive.

Published versions

DateDYCE VersionBusiness Central Versions
29.03.20242024.322.2 - 23.x
05.03.20242024.2.222.2 - 23.x
15.02.20242024.222.2 - 23.x
05.01.20242024.122.2 - 23.x
29.11.20232023.11.121.0 - 23.x

Changes in version 2024.3

New features

  • If Time Recordings overlap by less than 5 minutes, they are displayed below each other in the calendar with an overlap instead of being displayed next to each other.
  • Time Recordings are displayed in the calendar from Start to End regardless of duration and break.
  • In Azure DevOps, the login pop-up is skipped if a login has already taken place.
  • Various layout improvements, such as sizing and spacing of the day totals in the calendar.
  • Time Recordings can end at midnight (0 o'clock).


  • When creating Time Recordings from template, the duration is taken over and the correct day is used, regardless of which Time Recording mask is used.
  • All regions can be selected and used.
  • Time Recordings from the stopwatch are no longer created twice. The description in the stopwatch is retained as long as it is running.
  • The Time recording mask does not close, if it is not possible to save due to an incorrect entry.
  • Updating work items in Azure DevOps no longer prevents the creation of Time Recordings.
  • Correct notification is displayed when attempting to delete released Time Recordings.
  • Duplicating Time Recordings in the calendar does not subtract the break from the duration.
  • Lookup in the calendar no longer "shakes" when it is adjacent to the edge of the window.
  • In the simple time recording mask, the list of Projects does not start from the beginning again once you have scrolled through the lookup.
  • Context menu Delete is grayed out in Azure DevOps and Jira when Time Recording is released.

Changes in version 2024.2.2


  • Time Recordings created with templates and tasks are created for the correct day.
  • Time recordings without start and end time are reliably displayed in the calendar.
  • Update for Azure DevOps to ensure smooth operation
  • Working time model and tasks are displayed on the correct date in all time zones.

Changes in version 2024.2

New features

  • Users can create Time Recordings in their local time zone. These time recordings are converted to UTC in Business Central and displayed in the configured time zone.

Changes in version 2024.1

New features

  • The assignment of Customer and Job has been changed from Bill-to Customer to Sell-to Customer.


  • The number of the work item from Azure DevOps is retained when changes are made in Business Central.

Changes in version 2023.11.1

New features