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Setup in Business Central

The best user experience and highest degree of automatization can only be archived by completing the necessary setup for the DYCE Time Tracking app. Some of these setups will need to be done in Business Central / DYCE Project Billing respectively.

Allowing HTTP requests for DYCE Sync

In order for the synchronization to work, it needs to be able to communicate with the backend of the web app. If you are creating a new Time Tracking environment for the first time, the app will ask to allowing HttpClient requests. If you have denied that request, follow the steps below to check or re-enable this option:

  1. Go to the Extension Management page by typing extension in the search (Alt+Q).
  2. Search for DYCE Sync by Singhammer IT Consulting AG and click on View action (either via the three dots or via action group Manage).
  3. Allow HttpClient requests.


To make life easy for the Time Tracking users, some setups must be made in Business Central.

For each user of DYCE Time Tracking, a resource is required in Business Central. In this resource, a Base Calendar and a Work-Hour Template will be stored. In order to do so, navigate to the resource and open the Resource Person Defaults page (in Related / Resource menu group,). In the Base Calendar, holidays and other non-working days are maintained. In the Work-Hour Template, the different work time models are maintained. In each work time model, it is possible to specify which days of the week should be a workday including the quantity of working hours to be fulfilled. In DYCE Time Tracking, only these days are displayed to the user for time recording by default.

  1. To display all days, despite Work-Hour Template or holidays, use the option Show days without capacities in the setup.

  2. Regardless of whether a day is displayed or not, a time recording can be captured for every day. Changing the date in a time recording will move it to the appropriate day.

Time & Travel Model

Time & Travel Models offer several powerful features that greatly simplify the work of everybody involved.

The activity in the time recording is used, among other things, to control the billing, the rounding of the billable duration and the selection of the Project Planning Line. Capture and release of time recordings is thus significantly accelerated and facilitated. The activity can only be selected if the Time & Travel model is set up and stored in the Project Card in DYCE Project Billing.


It is not necessary to explicitly configure permissions to use the app. The app does not come with its own permission set. Instead, the permission set D365 BASIC (Dynamics 365 standard access) is extended, as this permission set can be assigned to all users.
For more information about permission sets, see this part of the Microsoft documentation.