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Necessary Prerequisites

The DYCE Time Tracking extension for Azure DevOps will only work if Time Tracking is fully set up. This includes the creation of at least one environment or company respectively. The necessary steps are described in the following sections:

Once DYCE Time Tracking is set up completely, the Azure DevOps extension can be installed and set up.


Install an extension in your organization.


If the Time Tracking add-in is not displayed, pop-ups must be allowed.


Once the installation is complete, the DYCE Administration page is available for setup. The page can be opened in the project under Project Settings/Extensions. To access and edit this page, you must have the required permission in Azure DevOps and the Admin role in DYCE Time Tracking.

Select company

Please check the user and organization details in DYCE Environment. Select the company for which the time recordings should be created. In the selection Select company all available companies are listed grouped by environment.


The selection determines in which company the time recordings will be synchronized. If the company is subsequently changed, all time recordings and work items remain unchanged and are not assigned to the new company. Furthermore, the service hooks must be recreated, if the company is changed. The Area Mapping is deleted to avoid false values in time recordings.

Create Service Hooks

The action Create Service Hooks opens a dialog. A valid client key must be entered in this dialog. The key can be created in the Clients view in the admin area of the web app. Three service hooks are created:

  1. Create Work Item synchronizes newly created work items.
  2. Update Work Item synchronizes changes to the work items.
  3. Delete Work Item deletes the work item in the DYCE backend and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Please check the company before creating a client key. The key will only work, if the Azure DevOps project is linked to the same company.

User and login

The user must be assigned the Time Recording role and a resource in the Web App.


Azure DevOps is currently not available in German. Therefore, we refrain from detecting the browser language and provide the DYCE Time Tracking extension in English only.