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Individual setup

Users can customize the app for themselves. The settings can be accessed in the user menu.

General (Tab)

In the General tab in the setup, overarching setups are made.

Language and region

The Language and Region is taken from the browser when the user first logs in. Each user can change the language and region in the Settings. The region effects the date and time format. English and German languages are available. If a language other than German is stored in the browser, English will be defaulted to. Some browsers allow setting a language but no region. In Chrome, for example, German or German/Germany can be selected in the languages settings. If no region is stored or cannot be recognized, United States will be selected automatically.

Dark mode

If the Dark Mode is activated, the complete app is displayed in eye-friendly colors. Dark Mode can be activated and deactivated via the Mode button.

In order to provide optimal support and to continuously improve our DYCE WebApp, we record user data and data traffic. Consent can be given via the cookie banner and in the setup. If no consent is given, no data is recorded. No errors either.

Time tracking (Tab)

In the Time recordings tab, the setup for time recordings are stored.

Selection of Time Tracking Form

The user has four Time Tracking Forms to choose from. The Time Tracking Forms differ in the arrangement and displayed fields. Compact, for example, has no Start and End fields. The Simple time recording mask also omits the Customer field. The preview below the selection shows the selected mask. Changing the Time Tracking Form changes the display on the Recordings, Incomplete and Templates page.

Task Grouping

The grouping of tasks is defined here. Each user can choose between grouping by Customer, Project (default), Start date and End date.


If an export is performed for the entered period, this export produces a JSON file.

Show days without capacity

The Show days without capacity button controls which days are displayed in time recordings and the dashboard. Depending on the setting, all days or only working days are displayed. By default, only working days are preset according to the working time model and base calendar.

Calendar settings

Before you can see your Outlook calendar entries, you must grant read permission once. The read permission can be revoked at Find the DYCE app, click on the three dots, select Manage your application and then Revoke Access.

Switch companies

To change a company, the user must be setup in all of these companies. The company can be changed in the user menu. The time recordings, templates and users are company specific. Therefore, the time recordings and templates in one company are not visible in other companies.


Information on the app, page, environment, client and tag can be encoded in the URL.

ComponentExample URLComment
Base URL the selection of apps. If the user only has access to one app, they are automatically redirected to this app.
App the Time Tracking app in the last used environment and company.
Page the page Time Recordings (dailyrecordings) on the current day and last used environment and company.
Dailyrecordings the Time Recordings on 12.04.2024. The filter #2024-04-12 only works on the page Time Recordings.
Environment Time Recordings on 12.04.2024 in the Demo environment (?instannce=demo).
Company the Time Recordings on 12.04.2024 in the company Intern (?instannce=demo&company=intern).

Special characters that represent invalid characters in a URL must be encoded. For example, blanks must be replaced by %20.