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Models for Time Recording

Services can be invoiced - even without a Time & Travel Model being set up and stored in the Projects. However, the Time & Travel Model offers some features that should be considered when deciding whether to use it:

  • Rounding of Time Recordings
    The billable duration can be automatically rounded using the factor from the Time & Travel Model. For example, if rounding to 15 minutes is applied, the billable duration in Time Recordings will be rounded up to a full 15 minutes.
  • Rounding of Project Planning Lines
    In addition, the quantity to be invoiced in Project Billing can be rounded when Time Recordings are posted. The rounding takes place thereby regarding the sum on basis of the duration of the released and maybe posted Time Recordings which can be invoiced.
  • Control of invoicing Time Recordings
    In the Time & Travel Model, it is possible to control whether a Time Recording should be invoiced afterwards. This makes it easy to map activities to Warranty and Goodwill as well as internal activities.
  • Preset the Non-billable Reason
    If the time recording is to be only partially charged or not charged at all, the Non-billable Reason (Warranty, Goodwill or Internal) can be predefined.
  • Implied selection of Project Planning Lines
    In Time Recording, the Project Planning Line can be selected by activity (e.g. Internal Meeting, Development, Consulting, etc.).
  • Automatic take over of work type
    When selecting an activity in a Time Recording, the Work Type can be populated from the Time & Travel Model line.
Examples of rounding Time Recordings and Project Planning Lines
  • For consulting (on a Time & Material basis), Time Recordings should be rounded in 5-minute increments. However, invoicing is done in 15-minute increments: Time Recording Rounding (Minutes): 5, Project Planning Line Rounding (Minutes): 15.
  • Units of work for flat-rate development services are 15 minutes. Time Recordings should be rounded and billed accordingly: Time Recording Rounding (Minutes): 15, Project Planning Line Rounding (Minutes): 15.
  • In Support, Time Recordings are automatically done to the minute via the ticket system. Time Recordings should not be rounded up during handover. Billing is done in 5-minute increments: Time Recording Rounding (Minutes): 1, Project Planning Line Rounding (Minutes): 5.

Setup Time & Travel Model

Open the Time and Travel Models page. Create a new model with New*. Enter Code and Description. In the fast tab Time the model lines can be created.

  • Code
    Enter a unique code.
  • Description
    The description will be displayed when selected in Time Recording.
  • Work Type
    Work Types can be used for further specification of times recorded by employees.
  • Item No.
    The Item No. is used to match Time & Travel Model lines with Project Planning Lines (type Budget). This considerably limits the selection and thus simplifies it. If an item for consulting billed by Time & Material is entered in the Project Planning Line, only model lines with the same or with no Item No. will be displayed when selecting the Activity. Model lines without Item No. are always displayed for selection.
  • Billable
    This field controls the default Billable Duration. If the flag is No, the Billable Duration is automatically set to 0 and the corresponding Time Recordings cannot be further invoiced.
  • Non-billable Reason
    This field is used to control the default Non-billable Reason. If the Billable Duration is less than the Duration, the Non-billable Reason will be determined from the model line and entered.
  • Time Recording Rounding (Minutes)
    Specifies the rounding of the billable duration. Rounding to 15 minutes is widely used. If a user records 5 minutes in a time recording, the Billable Duration is automatically rounded up to 15 minutes. This does not affect the actual length of the activity. The 5 minutes are retained in the Duration field. Different rounding can be entered per model line for time recording.
  • Project Planning Line Rounding (Minutes)
    Defines the rounding of the Project Planning Lines for posting. If many, short Time Recordings are created, it may not make sense to round each Time Recording to, say, 15 minutes. Instead, the sum of all Time Recordings can be rounded before posting. Rounding can be set up per Time & Travel model and item.
Creation of a Time & Travel Model

Most cases can certainly be mapped with a "standard" model. In the model there should be one line for each Service Billing Item and some lines for non-billable Time Recordings. Internal, Warranty and Goodwill can each be represented via separate lines.
If there are special agreements with a customer, a separate model can be created for them. This way, the time recorder does not have to know the deviating conditions and can still record his times in accordance with the specifications.

Application of the Time & Travel Model

In order for the Time & Travel Model to be applied, it must be stored in the Project Cards. It can be entered in the General fast tab. If the Time & Travel Model is already stored in the customer, it will be applied to each new Project, but can be changed there manually if necessary.
If the Time & Travel Model is stored in the Project Card, an Activity can be selected in the Time Recording.