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Time Recording

Time Recordings can be easily created through DYCE Project Billing. However, the app is not designed to create all Time Recordings directly in the app. Rather, the app is optimized for releasing, posting and billing Time Recordings.
In Time Recordings, there is an explicit distinction between Duration and Billable Duration. The Duration describes the actual length of the activity. The Billable Duration describes the duration that is to be billed in an invoice. Thus, due to goodwill or warranty, an hour of work can be recorded and still nothing billed. In order to evaluate Projects correctly, these activities must also be recorded. The reverse case is also possible. A phone call of 5 minutes can be billed as 15 minutes.
Time Recordings can be viewed, created, edited and deleted in the following pages:

  • Time Recording
  • Time Recordings
  • Edit Time Recordings

Create Time Recordings

The Time Recording and Time Recordings pages can be accessed by searching (Alt+Q), among other methods. If the pages are called up in this way, all Time Recordings will be displayed unfiltered. A new line can be created here as well as a Time Recording.
When creating a Time Recording, the following fields should be considered:

  • Project No.
    The Time Recording must be assigned to a Project.
  • Project Task
    Time Recordings must be assigned to a Project Task. If a Time & Travel Model has been assigned to the Project, the Project Task can be selected implicitly by selecting an Activity. Time Recordings without a Project Task will not be displayed anywhere else. Specific filtering should be applied to see these Time Recordings. If a Project Task is Closed or Locked for Time Recording, no new Time Recordings can be created for that Project Task.
  • Project Planning Lines Budget
    Time Recordings must be assigned to a Budget Project Planning Line, as invoicing via the Project Planning Line is required. If a Time & Travel Model has been assigned to the Project, the Project Planning Line can be selected implicitly by selecting an Activity. If there is exactly one Budget Project Planning Line in the Project Task, it is selected automatically.
  • Resource No.
    A resource must be assigned to a Time recording.
  • Service Date
    A Service Date must be entered in every Time Recording.
  • Description
    The entry of a (short) description is obligatory and should contain a reference to the activity. This description will be printed on the Detail Overview.
  • Duration
    Duration indicates the actual length of the Activity. The costs charged to the Project are based on Duration.
  • Activity
    Activities are used to select the Project Task and Project Planning Lines. The Activity is based on the Time & Travel Model lines. From the Time & Travel Model lines, rounding, Work Types and Non-Billable Reasons can be determined. Billable Duration can be set. If no Activity is selected, the Billable Duration is automatically set equal to the Duration.
  • Non-Billable Reason
    If parts or all of the Time Recording is not to be billed, the Non-Billable Reason is automatically set to Internal. If an Activity is selected, the default value is determined from the Time & Travel Model line.
  • Status
    Time Recordings can be edited if the status is Open. This status is automatically set when Time Recordings are created, released, posted or cancelled.
  • Blanket Purchase Order and Blanket Purchase Order Line No.
    If it is an external resource being purchased, the Blanket Purchase Order and Blanket Purchase Order Line No. can be entered for the procurement. If a Blanket Purchase Order exists for the Project and the vendor associated with the resource, the fields are automatically predefined.

In the Activity the combinations of the Time & Travel Model line (Activity), Project Task and Project Planning Line are displayed. If the Activity is entered, the Project Task and Project Planning Lines are filled in automatically. Alternatively, the values can be entered manually. If the Project Task is entered manually, the selection in the Activity is reduced.

If a Time Recording is created from the Project Task, from the Project or in the Project Billing, the Project and Project Task are automatically filled in. To do this, either navigate to the Project and open the Time Recording in the line menu of the Tasks. Alternatively, call up Project Billing and open the Edit Time Recordings page by clicking, for example, on the Time Recordings Not Released field. Time Recording can also be called up in the AssistEdit of the respective Project in the Role Center part My Projects of DYCE Project Billing (Project Administrator).