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First steps

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 (BC24), Projects are finally called Projects (formerly Jobs).

Role Center

In order to find the most important calls for use as quickly and easily as possible, the Role Center Project Administrator is available specifically for this purpose. In addition to the master and transaction data, the Project Billing and the history of posted documents can also be called up from here.
In addition, the Time Recordings to be released and the Time Recordings still to be posted are displayed for all Projects in which the user is stored as Project Manager (in the field of the same name in the Project Card).
The Purchase Orders required and Accruals required tiles inform the user whether Purchase Orders for external service providers still need to be entered or accruals need to be created for services that have already been invoiced but not yet costed.

Via Help & Support (the ? in the upper right corner) this online help can be started.

Part My Projects

With the part My Projects the user is given the possibility to save his currently active Projects for direct access in a separate table as a favorite. Using the functions in the context menu, it is then possible to navigate quickly and easily to all Project-specific documents and functions within the project management at the click of a button. Clicking on the Project No. opens the Project Card. As soon as a Project Manager is entered in the field of the same name in the Project Card, the Project automatically appears in the Role Center part of this user. Manual maintenance of this overview is also possible.

Use of Services and Projects

Basic business process

The business process for Projects and services can start in DYCE Project Billing with the creation of a Sales Opportunity, in the further course of which a Sales Quote can be created. It is possible to already link the quote to a Project. If known, special prices applicable to the Project can also already be entered in the Project. A Project Task to record the presales effort is also already useful at this stage.
After the customer has placed the order, further planning of the project components and the resource groups required for this is carried out on the basis of the project plan. Several options are available for an overview of current consumption during the life of a Project. For example, the standard reports of Business Central can be used. In addition, an Account Schedule can be created for the Project evaluation (within Business Central) or evaluations can be provided by an external BI tool.