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DYCE Cockpit

DYCE Cockpit is an extension of the standard Role Centers of Business Central. If the app is activated, user-specific filters can be created. These are displayed as cues in the My Cockpit area in the Role Center.

Display of cues in the Role Center

Each cue corresponds to a defined Cockpit filter. They always show the number of records that match the defined filter criteria. Via the page My Cockpit Filters the user can change the existing cues and add more. A total of 24 memory locations are available.

Missing permissions

When selecting a template or manually creating a filter, a check is made to see if the user has the required permissions to use the filter. If this is not the case, a corresponding error message appears.
If the user does not have the required permissions to use the filter (which was assigned to him, for example, by an administrator), he receives a note in his Role Center (in the form of a notification), which permissions he lacks for the execution of a Cockpit filter. The tile then shows No read permission as description and a counter of 0.


After creating or deleting a Cockpit filter, the client or Business Central app must be closed and restarted after closing the My Cockpit Filters page. A notification alerts the user to this and enables the restart directly.

Supported Role Centers

DYCE Cockpit extends the Role Centers of the following standard profiles of Business Central:

CodeNamePage ID
BUSINESS MANAGERBusiness Manager9022
PROJECT MANAGERProject Manager9015
ORDER PROCESSORSales Order Processor9006
PRODUCTION PLANNERManufacturing Manager9010
SALES AND RELATIONSHIP MANAGERSales and Relationship Manager9026
SECURITY ADMINISTRATORAdministration of users, user groups and permissions9024
DISPATCHERService Manager9016
TEAM MEMBERTeam Member9028
SHIPPING AND RECEIVING - WMSShipping and Receiving - Warehouse Management System9000
WAREHOUSE WORKER - WMSWarehouse Worker - Warehouse Management System9009