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Updates, bug fixes and new features

DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing is updated at frequent intervals and is always compatible with current and upcoming versions of Business Central. This change log describes the relevant changes for each of the last five version.

An overview of the older versions of DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing can be found in the change log archive.

Published versions

DateDYCE VersionBusiness Central Versions
01.04.20242024.3.122.2 - 24.x
18.03.20242024.322.2 - 24.x
15.02.20242024.222.2 - 23.x
22.01.20242024.1.122.2 - 23.x
02.01.20242024.122.2 - 23.x

Changes in version 2024.3.1

New features

  • Extensibility: New publishers and access to functions

Changes in version 2024.3

New features

  • Service Commitment Packages in Item Templates
  • Apply DYCE fields from Item Template when creating items based on Catalog Items
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 (BC24)


  • Allow undo shipment for Service Commitment Items (IC240141)
  • Allow invoicing Customer Contracts even if the first Contract line is a discount line (IC240036)

Changes in version 2024.2


  • Contract Deferrals
    • The original issue has been fixed and the system behavior has been corrected.
    • Diagnostic report (Find Posted Documents for Contracts With Line Discount) for Contract Deferrals with discount
    • Data correction of Contract Deferrals
  • The DYCE layouts output the company logo even if the first line is not printed.

Changes in version 2024.1.1


  • The discount in contract lines is no longer deferred. The discounts in existing Contract Deferrals are automatically deleted and the discount fields are hidden. Potential corrections to Vendor and Customer Contract Deferrals Accounts must be made manually. Contract lines that have the Discount indicator are still deferred.

Changes in version 2024.1

New features


  • Contract lines are not closed as long as a Billing line exists.
  • Service Commitment Discount % is printed in Sales Quotes and Sales Orders.
  • VAT clauses are printed in posted Sales invoices if set up.
    VAT specifications are printed in posted Sales invoices if set up and several VAT rates are used in the invoice.