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First steps

By signing a contract, both partners assume obligations. In DYCE, these obligations are referred to as Service Commitments. Agreements with periodic billing are called Customer Contracts on the customer side and Vendor Contracts on the supplier side.

Service Commitments can already be offered to the prospect or customer during the sales phase. For this purpose, additional Service Commitments can be added to the offered items which can then be offered simultaneously or sold at the same time.

If an item is sold in conjuction with a Service Commitment, a Service Object is automatically created for it, where the associated Service Commitments are visible.

If the service is a Service Commitment (see Types of Services), it can be added to a contract as a component and - according to the information in the service - be billed on a recurring basis.

Use of Service Commitments

Role Center

In order to find most calls as fast and easy as possible, the Role Center Subscription & Recurring Billing is available especially for this purpose. In addition to the master and transaction data, the Recurring Billing and the history of posted receipts can also be called up from here. In addition, documents that have not yet been posted (Open Posting Documents Customer/Vendor) and services that have not yet been assigned to contracts (Services Commitments without Contract) are displayed, thus alerting the user that something may still need to be done here.

Revenues and Costs show the current and previous month's revenues and costs posted in connection with contract billing.

The cues Overdue and Not invoiced indicate that Service Commitments - related to the workdate - are either still to be billed (Overdue) or that no posting document has been created yet (Not invoiced) for lines in a billing proposal.

Via Help & Support (the ? in the upper right corner) this online help can be started.