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The unique purchase of items with Service Commitments is no different than that in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Recurring purchasing (e.g., rental, maintenance, or subscription) is mapped with Service Commitments. Service Commitments receive Vendor as Partner in the Service Commitment Package. A Service Commitment Package can have both Customer and Vendor Service Commitments.

Sales Quote and Sales Order

Service Commitments behave in Sales in the same way as Service Commitments that have Customer entered as Partner. Depending on the Calculation Base Type, the Calculation Base Amount is determined from the Unit Cost field in sales lines or the Last Direct Cost field in the item. For more details, see price calculation.

Service Object

When the item is delivered from the order, the Service Object and its Service Commitments are created. Both Customer and Vendor Service Commitments can be entered in the Service Object.

Assignment to a Vendor Contract

Vendor Commitments can be assigned to any Vendor Contract. Unlike Customer Service Commitment, a Vendor Service Commitment can be assigned to any Vendor Contract.


In the Role Center you can see if there are any Vendor Service Commitments that have not been assigned to any contracts yet.