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Features of DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing

Master data

  • Create Service Commitment Templates
  • Combine Service Commitment Templates to Service Commitment Packages
  • Assign Service Commitment Packages to items
  • Display Service Commitments at items
  • Role Center and Profile
  • Creation of bundles
  • Setup wizard - in planning
  • Service Commitment Package creation wizard - in planning


  • Use of an item incl. Service Commitments in sales documents
  • Selection of optional Service Commitments in the sales process
  • Automatic pricing for Service Commitments
  • Editing Service Commitments in sales process
  • Creation of bundles on-the-fly
  • Formatting of sales lines
  • DYCE layouts for standard reports with output of Service Commitments when printing
  • DYCE layouts support formatting and bundles
  • Automatic creation of Service Objects on shipment
  • Position numbers in sales documents
  • Print preview of unposted sales documents
  • Pre-selection of the contract for billing in sales process - in planning
  • Use of bundles (master data)
  • Merging of Service Commitment Package Lines - in planning
  • Change sorting of document lines - in planning
  • Create Sales Quotes to renew Contract lines and Service Commitments

Contract management

  • Customer Contracts and Vendor Contracts
  • Contract types
  • Assigning Service Commitments to a contract
  • Formatting of contract lines
  • Quantity changes
  • Price changes
  • Assign processor per document
  • Display open and posted documents for a contract
  • Do not show closed contract lines
  • Main due date per contract
  • Merge contract lines
  • Change sorting of contract lines - in planning
  • Move Service Commitments between contracts - in planning
  • Store and view contract documents on the contract - in planning
  • Archiving of changes to Service Commitments

Contract billing

  • Overview of the Service Commitments to be billed as Billing Proposal with details
  • Creation of contract invoices in batch
  • Contract invoice accompanying list with billing details
  • Contract credit memos
  • Billing of single contracts
  • Automatic generation of Billing Proposals - in planning

Usage-based billing

  • Import and processing of usage data - in planning
  • Scale prices (also for usage data) - in planning
  • Several customer-side price calculations - in planning
  • Connectors to manufacturers - in planning


  • Monitoring of Cancellation Periods and Service End Dates
  • Automatic updating of cancellation periods and deadlines
  • Notice for Service Commitments not yet assigned to a contract
  • List all Service Commitments, which need to be renewed

Contract Deferrals

  • Periodic customer and vendor deferrals
  • Automatic release of deferrals
  • Output of deferrals

Contract evaluation

  • Automatic dimension per contract
  • Automatic dimension per customer
  • Cost-revenue analysis per contract - in planning
  • Dimensions for Service Commitments