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Setup of DYCE Easy Bundle Seller

DYCE Easy Bundle Seller does not necessarily require any special setup. However, additional report layouts (WORD and RDL) are included with the app. For more information, please refer to this part and the following sections of the DYCE documentation.

Sales & Receivables Setup

The Bundle Dimension Priority field controls which dimensions are stored on the components of the bundle. Dimensions can be automatically transferred from the bundle line to components, component dimensions can be automatically retained, or a selection can be shown for each bundle to manually specify.

  • The Dimensions from BOM option will transfer all dimensions from the bundle to the components. If there are conflicts between the Dimension Values of the bundle and the component, the Dimension Values of the component will be overwritten. Additional dimensions stored on the component will not be changed.
  • With the option Dimensions of components the dimensions from the bundle have no influence on the components.
  • With the option Show selection a selection window with the above two options is shown.

To facilitate the creation of a bundle on-the-fly, default values can also be stored via the fields Bundle Unit of Measure, Bundle Line Format Style and Bundle Print Components (in the Bundle fast tab). These entries are optional. If these fields are not filled, they must be assigned during the creation of a custom bundle.

Handling layouts and hints to developers

DYCE Easy Bundle Seller contains additional layouts (WORD and RDL) for the relevant standard reports from Business Central. These layouts are based on the standard layouts for the relevant reports. They can either be used out-of-the-box or are used to apply the relevant changes to the deployed (custom) layouts. For more information on layouts and notes for developers, please refer to this part of the DYCE documentation.


There are no additional permission sets included with the app. Therefore, please ensure that the necessary access rights from the Business Central standard are applied. For more information about permission sets, see this part of the Microsoft documentation.