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Formatting is used to control what content and how that content is printed on print documents. This control allows, among other things, the printing of headings and the hiding of components.

Formatting can be used in the following sales documents:

Formatting can no longer be changed in posted documents. It will be applied when posting and when creating the subsequent document. Thus the formatting is copied from the sales quote to the sales order. The formatting can again be adjusted in the sales order.

Changing the formatting

The formatting can be customized in the lines of the documents as follows:

  • The Print Line field controls whether a line should be printed. The line amount goes into the document amount regardless of whether a line is printed.
  • Formatting field specifies the output of the line or whether it should be printed bold, italic or normal.
  • Print Discount % controls whether the discount % from the line is printed on the receipt.
  • Print Quantity Only option prints the line with the quantity only. Unit price, Discount % and line amount will not be printed or will be printed with the value 0.
  • A page break can be inserted via New page. The line with the indicator is always printed on a new page.
Page breaks

The page break that can be triggered via the New page field only affects RDL layouts for technical reasons. Page breaks cannot be realized with WORD layouts using this method.


Headings can be used to easily structure sales quotes, order confirmations and invoices to increase readability. A heading can be easily created using the Formatting and New Page fields. Enter a line of text and select the Bold option in the Formatting field. If you want the heading to start on a new page, set the indicator accordingly.

Formatting for bundles

Bundles are, from a system point of view, independent products consisting of different components. In most cases the components should be printed without price, italic or not at all. In these cases, formatting quickly creates an easy-to-read print document.
If you want to print the bundle without the components, simply uncheck Print Line in the component lines. This will print only the bundle, while you have created all the necessary components in the lines and can work with them.
If you want the components to be printed without prices, this can be controlled by the Print Quantity Only field. If you want to highlight the bundle, change the Formatting in the bundle line to Bold. Readability and clarity of the print document will be increased.

Default for bundles via Assembly BOMs

Since bundles can also be stored as master data, the fields Print Line, Formatting, Print Discount % and Print Quantity Only are also available in the bill of materials list (assembly parts). This allows you to define specifications for the formatting of the sales lines to be created in advance. When the components list is rolled out, the specifications are transferred to the sales lines, but can be changed here afterwards.