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Updates, bug fixes and new features

DYCE Job Billing is updated at frequent intervals and is always compatible with current and upcoming versions of Business Central. This change log describes the relevant changes for each of the last five version.

An overview of the older versions of DYCE Job Billing can be found in the change log archive.

Published versions

DateDYCE VersionBusiness Central Versions
01.04.20242024.3.223.4 - 24.x
27.03.20242024.3.123.4 - 24.x
18.03.20242024.323.4 - 24.x
05.03.20242024.2.222.2 - 23.x
26.02.20242024.2.122.2 - 23.x

Changes in version 2024.3.2


  • Posting of time recordings for a Sales Orders with a different currency possible (IC240407)
  • Delete Invoice No. from Job Planning line Billable when deleting the invoice (IC240318)

Changes in version 2024.3.1


Changes in version 2024.3

New features

  • Profit and loss accounting (P&L) per project by using Statistical Accounts
  • Apply DYCE fields from Item Template when creating items based on Catalog Items
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 (BC24)


  • Fixed Price Items are shown with the correct unit price on layouts (IC232939)
  • Remove field DYCECustEntryPrepaymentExists from DYCE Job Billing (pageextension 70920901) (IC240361)

Changes in version 2024.2.2


  • Manual creation of new time recordings possible (IC230107)
  • Detailed Services Overview prints all time recordings and considers the request page (IC240272).
  • Prevent changing the Service Billing Type for items that have already been used (IC240150).
  • Timesheet report adds up billable duration only (IC240666).

Changes in version 2024.2.1


  • Prevent any changes in page Billable Planning Lines (IC240286).