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Release 29.03.2024

· 2 min read

Updates for DYCE apps available for download via AppSource

Time Tracking 2024.3


  • If Time Recordings overlap by less than 5 minutes, they are displayed below each other in the calendar with an overlap instead of being displayed next to each other.
  • Time Recordings are displayed in the calendar from Start to End regardless of duration and break.
  • In Azure DevOps, the login pop-up is skipped if a login has already taken place.
  • Various layout improvements, such as sizing and spacing of the day totals in the calendar.
  • Time Recordings can end at midnight (0 o'clock).


  • When creating Time Recordings from template, the duration is taken over and the correct day is used, regardless of which Time Recording mask is used.
  • All regions can be selected and used.
  • Time Recordings from the stopwatch are no longer created twice. The description in the stopwatch is retained as long as it is running.
  • The Time recording mask does not close, if it is not possible to save due to an incorrect entry.
  • Updating work items in Azure DevOps no longer prevents the creation of Time Recordings.
  • Correct notification is displayed when attempting to delete released Time Recordings.
  • Duplicating Time Recordings in the calendar does not subtract the break from the duration.
  • Lookup in the calendar no longer shakes when it is adjacent to the edge of the window.
  • In the simple time recording mask, the list of Projects does not start from the beginning again once you have scrolled through the lookup.
  • Context menu Delete is grayed out in Azure DevOps and Jira when the Time Recording is released.