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This post summarizes all release notes for DYCE Cockpit that were published before October 2023.

Changes in version 2023.4

  • New runtime version (Version 10.0)

Changes in version 2023.3

  • Cues in Role Center part are not duplicated if there are more than 20 cues.

Changes in version 2023.2

  • Consideration of security filters in permission sets
  • Extension of the maximum possible number of cues up to 24

Changes in version 2022.12

  • Date fields can also be filtered to an empty date.
  • Saving changes via Cockpit filter management without error message.

Changes in version 2022.6

  • The read permissions are checked while setting up or copying a tile. The tile will be displayed without value, if the user does not have the read permission.

Changes in version

  • Bug fixes to version
  • Adjustment regarding compatibility

Changes in version

  • Bug fixes compared to version 0.9