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Welcome to Managed Service Providers

DYCE Managed Service Providers extends partial shipments via Warehouse Shipments and order-oriented procurement. It makes it significantly easier and more efficient to work with Warehouse Shipments and Purchase Orders. Furthermore, it enables you to create Purchase Orders based on the quantity that is actually supposed to be shipped to the customer.

Features & benefits of Managed Service Providers

  • Partial shipments with Warehouse Shipments based on the Sales Order
    In Business Central, only one Warehouse Shipment can be created per Sales Order. With DYCE Managed Service Providers, multiple Warehouse Shipments can be used per Sales Order. Items and quantities can be selected to split the Sales Order into multiple shipments.

  • Purchasing according to demand
    If a customer requests a large quantity of one particular item, this does not necessarily mean that the entire quantity has to be purchased immediately. Instead of purchasing everything at once, that is in all Sales Orders, purchases can be created based on selected Warehouse Shipments (planned partial shipments). In this way, purchasing can be tailored to the quantity that is supposed to be shipped.

  • Different Ship-To address
    A different shipment address can be specified before and after the creation of a Warehouse Shipments. A large customer with different shipment addresses can thus be processed easily and clearly in one Sales Order.

  • Automatic reservation from the warehouse
    The items can be reserved from the Warehouse, then Warehouse Shipments are created. The quantity of each item can be adjusted before creating a Warehouse Shipment. Accordingly, only the quantities, which are going to be shipped to the customer are reserved.

  • Create Purchase Orders in a central overview
    All items that are in Warehouse Shipments and need to be ordered are displayed in the new Purchase Requisition page.

  • Combine multiple Warehouse Shipments in one Purchase Order
    Several Warehouse Shipments can be combined into one Purchase Order on the Purchase Requisition page. The combination is done automatically when the Purchase Orders are created.

  • Assignment to existing Purchase Orders
    Warehouse Shipments can be added to existing Purchase Orders.

  • Special Bid
    DYCE Managed Service Providers is compatible with Special Bids.

  • Drop Shipment
    Drop Shipments can be used in Warehouse Shipments and thereby the process of creating Purchase Orders remains similar.

  • Commissioning document (coming soon)
    When posting a Purchase Order (receipt goods), the Quantity to be Shipped is automatically set in the Warehouse Shipments. To facilitate the goods issue, the Warehouse Shipments can be printed directly with quantities and items.

Supported Versions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported languages

DYCE Managed Service Providers is available in English and German.