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Pricing and billing

The use of DYCE Happy Texts is charged as a monthly fee per user who is assigned a Business Central license (Essential, Premium or Team Member). However, in advance it is possible to test the full functionality for a limited time. Please refer to the DYCE Happy Texts website for current pricing. Regardless of this, the pricing is based on the claim to make it as fair as possible. This includes, above all, only charging for the actual benefit or added value.

Activation is done using the app called DYCE Monetization. This application manages usage data for all DYCE subscriptions. Once activated, it continuously determines both activation status and usage data (e.g., number of users or transaction volume).

Download, installation and activation

DYCE Happy Texts is provided via Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The DYCE Happy Texts website also provides a corresponding link. In addition, AppSource can also be accessed directly through Business Central. To do this, search for Extension Marketplace (Alt+Q) and then for DYCE Happy Texts.
Before downloading, Microsoft will request information for registration. If AppSource is opened directly through Business Central, this data is pre-filled based on the client's Company Information.

In addition to registration in Microsoft AppSource, the app must be activated. The full range of functionality is only available once activation has been completed. In the standard role centers a corresponding notification appears as long as the activation has not yet taken place. To activate an app click on Activate now in the notification banner:

  1. Start the activation wizard by clicking Next.
  2. Enter your company information and register at Singhammer IT Consulting AG.
  3. Select your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner and payment method.
  4. Accept end-user license agreement and finish activation.

Allowing HTTP requests for DYCE Monetization

After installation, a prompt appears asking if HttpClient requests are allowed. This immediately affects the Allow HttpClient Requests setting in DYCE Monetization. For the correct working of the app, make sure that Allow HttpClient Requests is set to YES (see below). We use HTTP requests to log your usage. We do not save any other data. Follow the steps to check or re-enable this option:

  1. Go to the Extension Management page by typing extension in the search (Alt+Q).
  2. Search for DYCE Monetization by Singhammer IT Consulting AG and click on View action (either via the three dots or via action group Manage).
  3. Allow HttpClient requests.

Activation of the functionality

The editor can basically be opened by all users and the data can be viewed. However, the app must be activated for saving content and subsequent printing of content created by DYCE Happy Texts. An explicit activation of individual users is not necessary. Only the activation forms the basis for the determination of the usage data on which the billing is based.

Usage data

With the installation of DYCE Happy Texts the additional app DYCE Monetization is installed (productive and sandbox environments). Once activated, it continuously determines the activation status of the app. If this data reveals that the app is being used in a productive environment, it will be billed on a monthly basis.

Uninstalling DYCE Monetization

After uninstalling the app DYCE Monetization, DYCE Happy Texts can still be used for a maximum of 24 hours. After that, the activation status will be reset. This means that the full functionality of the app is no longer available.


When using the app in a production environment, usage is billed based on the current prices per month. Depending on the business relation, this will be done either directly or via your DYCE Partner.