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Long texts and editor

With DYCE Happy Texts it is possible to use long texts at different places in Business Central and also to print them. Images within the text are also supported. An editor is available for the creation of long texts. Here texts can not only be created, but also formatted. Long texts can be used in the following places:

  • Pre- and post-texts in Sales Quotes
  • Pre- and post-texts in Sales Orders
  • Extended description in Sales line
  • Extended description in master data (items, catalog items, resources)

Furthermore, text templates can also be used in the mentioned places, which are also edited via this editor.

Paragraph and character formats

The editor allows to create continuous texts including bulleted lists or numbered lists. The texts can be displayed in bold, italic and underlined. For further support, paragraph and character formats are offered to the user for selection, with which different fonts, sizes and line spacing can be realized. These different paragraph styles are stored system-wide in the setup for DYCE Happy Texts. Here you can define the desired formatting by means of an adaptation of the internet standard Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). A default is delivered with DYCE Happy Texts, which can be adapted to the company-specific requirements. In this way, on the one hand, a uniform display of texts is ensured, and on the other hand, it is guaranteed that the formats used can also be output via the print documents.

Specialty regarding RDL layout

For technical reasons, RDL does not support all HTML tags that can be entered via the editor. Specifically, text highlighting and tables cannot be output with an RDL layout.

Pre- and post-texts in Sales documents

Pre- and post-texts can be entered in Sales Quotes and Orders. A click on the AssistEdit for the fields Header Text (Preview) and Footer Text (Preview) opens the corresponding editor. The fields are displayed in the General fast tab. They contain the first part of the respective text and display it unformatted.
The creation of pre- and post-texts can be automated to the extent that defined standard texts are used when a quote or order is created.

Extended description

A multilingual extended description can be stored in the master data for items, catalog items and resources (in the form of a text template). The text template for the Extended Description can be opened via the Extended Description Exists field and the content can be displayed via the Contents action. In addition to a description, content for multiple languages and a date-based validity can also be defined here.
In the Sales line, the Extended Description (Preview) field displays the first part of the extended description unformatted. Clicking on the AssistEdit related to this field will open the editor, as well as via the Extended Description line action.
The Extended Description is passed from one sales document to the next (e.g. from quote to order).

Transfer of pre- and post-texts

Only when converting a quote to an order, the pre- and post-texts are transferred to the order. In all other constellations this is not the case.
The Extended Description, on the other hand, is always transferred.


With DYCE Happy Texts additional layouts for the standard reports are provided. In these, the extended description is output after the descriptions of the lines and related text modules. For more information on layouts and developer notes, please refer to this part of the DYCE documentation.