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Text templates

In addition to the manual entry of long texts in the Sales line and the storage of extended descriptions in the master data (for items, catalog items and resources), text templates can be freely defined. They can also be used as automatic defaults for pre- and post-texts in Sales documents. Text templates already contain formatted text that can be adapted or extended as required.

Create and edit text templates

In the Text Templates page, these can be created and customized and their use can be controlled by defining filters. The Area is used as a default for the scope of application of the text templates, as the Table ID and any table filters are preset here. Basically, the areas Sales, Sales Quote, Sales Order, Item, Resource, Catalog Item and User-defined are provided, whereby the master data related areas Item, Resource and Catalog Item are hidden by default. When selecting a text template, the table ID is automatically filtered depending on the context.
In addition to the Table ID, the use of the text template can be restricted via Table Filters. To do this, the Filter action is used to open a filter page matching the table, in which the desired table filters are defined.

The Contents action is used to access the actual content of a text template. This can consist of several texts, e.g. to map several languages. In addition, a validity period (via Starting Date and Ending Date) of a content can be defined here. Content can also be opened via the Contents Count field on the Text Templates page.
The validity period of a content is optional. If nothing is specified here, it is not subject to a time limit. However, several validity periods can be defined, e.g. for different content of the same text template at certain times.
The respective text is entered or edited with the Edit Text action. This is done using the editor from DYCE Happy Texts.

Restrict text templates for specific languages

It is only necessary to specify a language code for the content of a text template if the content is only to be entered or valid for a specific language. If no language code is specified, the content is valid for all languages.

Select a text template

In addition to the table ID, other table filters are also taken into account when the user manually selects suitable text templates. If several text templates are found after applying these filters, they are displayed in the order of the text template Code.