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Setup of DYCE Happy Texts

DYCE Happy Texts does not necessarily require any special setup. However, a default template (Cascading Style Sheet - CSS) for paragraph and character formats is part of the delivery. This provides the possibility to define the selectable formattings.
To change the contents of the default, it can be exported via the DYCE Happy Texts Setup page and imported again after the desired changes.

Handling layouts and hints to developers

DYCE Happy Texts includes additional layouts (WORD and RDL) for the relevant standard reports from Business Central. These layouts are based on the standard layouts for the relevant reports. They can either be used out-of-the-box or are used to apply the relevant changes to the deployed (custom) layouts. For more information on layouts and notes for developers, please refer to this part of the DYCE documentation.

Rendering the report output

Rendering the output of the report layouts including content created via DYCE Happy Texts is done using an external function call.

Text templates

In the future, text templates will be provided, based on which content can be predefined instead of always being created.

Setup for automatic pre- and post-texts

In the future, the possibility of a facility will be provided, on the basis of which pre- and post-texts can be created automatically for newly created offers and orders.


Two permission sets are included with the app:

    This permission set can be assigned to all users. It contains read-only permissions to use the stylesheets (CSS).
    This permission set is designed for administrators and power users who should additionally be able to import and export stylesheets (CSS).

For more information on permission sets, see this part of the Microsoft documentation.