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Each record in the list Favorites can be opened by clicking the number (No.) in the 1st column. Alternatively, a record can be opened by marking the entry and using Show record in the assist edit or drop-down menu in the header.

Refreshing Favorites#

The list is refreshed automatically on adding or deleting an entry. The list of record entries is refreshed once the Role Center is refreshed / loaded. The list can be refreshed manually by using Refresh in the header drop-down menu.

Automatic deletion of records#

If a record is deleted the entry will be deleted automatically.

Deleting record entries#

Records can be deleted using Delete entry in the drop-down menu or the line assist edit. All records can be deleted using Delete all in the header drop-down menu.


Deleting a record entry in the list Favorites will not delete the actual record.

Adding to favorite#

The function Add to favorites in Last Records in the header drop-down and line assist edit is the only way to add a record to the list of favorites.

Sorting favorite entries#

The functions Move up and Move down in the header drop-down menu can be used to move entries up and down.