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There is no setup required after installing DYCE Record History & Favorites. Make sure to add the permission set DYCERECORDHISTORY (DYCE RHF All) to all users, which are suppose to use DYCE Record History & Favorites. If the parts do not show up in the Role Center insert them using the personalization.

If the user wants to edit the count of entries in the Last Records, search and open the page Last Records Setup. Within this page it is possible to set the max count of last record entries (per user). The default setting includes 15 entries. If you set the count to 20, a total of 20 last record entries will be saved.


There is a permission set DYCERECORDHISTORY (DYCE RHF All) which must be allocated to all users using DYCE Record History & Favorites. For more information about permission sets, see this part of the Microsoft documentation.

Included in Role Center:

Role Center IDProfileID Display Name
9000SHIPPING AND RECEIVING – WMSShipping and Receiving - Warehouse Management System
9006ORDER PROCESSORSales Order Processor
9008SHIPPING AND RECEIVINGShipping and Receiving - Order-by-Order
9009WAREHOUSE WORKER – WMSWarehouse Worker - Warehouse Management System
9010PRODUCTION PLANNERProduction Planner
9015PROJECT MANAGERProject Manager
9016DISPATCHERDispatcher - Customer Service
9022BUSINESS MANAGERBusiness Manager
9024SECURITY ADMINISTRATORAdministration of users, user groups and permissions
9026SALES AND RELATIONSHIP MANAGERSales and Relationship Manager
9028TEAM MEMBERTeam Member

Pages guaranteed to be included in DYCE Record History & Favorites

All Business Central and DYCE Card pages will be recorded and saved.