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Time tracking in Azure DevOps

A time recording can be created in the tab DYCE Time Tracking. It is available in all types of work items. Creating a time recording in Azure DevOps does basically not differ from creating it in the web app.
The functionality of fast entry via stopwatch and templates are not available in Azure DevOps. Instead of the stopwatch, a time tracking can be created with pre-populated Customer, Project, Project task, Activity and Description in DYCE Fast Tracking.


DevOps is currently not available in German. Therefore, we refrain from detecting the browser language and provide the DYCE Time Tracking extension in English only.

DYCE Fast Tracking

DYCE Fast Tracking is the fastest way to create a time recoding. It can be used in every work item (Epic, User Story, Task, etc.). Clearly visible in the Details tab, a new time recording can be created with the Plus button, once a duration has been inserted. The Description is automatically generated from the type, number and title of the work item. The assignment of Customer, Project, Project Task, and Activity is determined from the Area, if the pre-assignment was set up. The User can change the Activity and create time recordings. The last 20 changes to the activity are saved on creating the time recording. These are used to pre-populate the Activity the next time the user creates a time recording in that work item. If Original Estimate and Remaining is populated in a work item, Remaining and Completed are automatically updated.


The Activity can only be changed if a project task with job planning line is pre-assigned. If the work item is not saved, changing the activity and creating time records might be prevented to avoid incorrect or missing pre-assignments. The automatic calculation of Remaining and Completed will be visible in the Chrome Browser only after reloading the page.

DYCE Time Tracking in work items

The tab DYCE Time Tracking is displayed in every work item. In this tab, new time recordings can be created in New. The Description is pre-filled with the type, number and title of the work item. The fields Customer, Project, Project task and Activity are pre-populated with values of the Area mapping. If the Original Estimate and Remaining is filled in a Task, Remaining and Completed will be updated automatically.


If a new Time Recordings cannot be created, there may be unsaved changes in the work item. If changes are made in the following fields, the work item must be saved before a new time recording can be created:

  • Titel
  • State
  • Area
  • Iteration
  • Assigned to
  • Work Item Type

In All all time recordings, that have been created in that work item, are displayed. The time recordings are grouped by resource. A total is calculated for each group. The total allows you to see who has worked on the work item and for how long at a glance . In Incomplete all time recordings are displayed, in which an important information is missing. Which information is missing is indicated by the red star and at the hoover above the status.

Pres-assigning values with the Area

The Customer, Project, Project task and Activity fields can be pre-assigned by selecting an Area in the work item.

Area path

In Project Settings, an Area path can be created in Project configuration (Boards) in the Areas tab.

Area Mapping

In Project Settings under DYCE Administration (Extensions) in the tab Area Mapping the assignment of Customers, Projects, Project tasks and Activities to Area Paths can be created. The selection is limited to the correct options in terms of content and is inherited to the layers below. For example, it is not possible to select a Project that does not belong to the selected Customer.

Use of Area Mapping

The Area Path can be selected in all work items in the Area field. When creating a time recording, the pre-assignment values are determined from the Area Mapping and used to fill the corresponding fields in the time recording.


If the Area Mapping is done and the area is assigned to a work item, every user can create time recordings without the need to search for the right Project Tasks.