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Templates are the ideal tool for capturing time recordings quick and easy. Time recordings can be completed by templates or created directly from a template. Templates are displayed in the page with the same name.

Creating templates

Templates can be created based on a time recording and in the Templates page. The action Save as Template in the context menu of time recordings creates a template from that time recording. In the Templates page, new templates can be created directly at the categories or via the Add Template action.

Edit templates

Templates can be edited in the Templates page. A date cannot be entered in templates, though. Except for that fact templates behave the same as time recordings.

Organizing by categories

New categories can also be created in the Templates page. Templates are grouped by categories. Multiple templates can be assigned to a category. If the template is created for a category, it will be used automatically. Otherwise, a category must be selected for the template. If there is no category, it will be created automatically.


Categories are ideal for organizing and grouping templates. Consultants and developers usually create categories (and templates) for their current projects. In product development, categories are often created per product or major feature. A category for internal meetings, organization, etc. is quite popular as well.

Editing categories

Categories can be renamed and deleted using the actions in the context menu. If a category is renamed the templates remain assigned. If a category is deleted all associated templates will be deleted as well.

Using templates in time recordings

In the editing mask of a time recordings a selection of templates can be called up (Alt+T). If a template is selected, the data from the template will be transferred to the time recording. Existing data in the time recording will not be overwritten. For example, if the duration and description are filled in a time recording, they will not be overwritten by the template. In this case, information on the customer, project, task and activity can be filled in using the template.


The use of templates allows simplified time recording. If a time recording is created by the stopwatch, the duration and possibly the description are already filled in. With a template, the time recording can be completed in a few clicks.

Applying a template to an empty time recording and then only adjusting the description or duration is also a popular way to capture time recordings.

Time recordings can be created directly in the Templates page. The New Time Recording action on the template opens a calendar to select a date. The selection is necessary because no date can be stored in a template. With Save the time recording will be created for the selected date. With the Open new time recording indicator, the time recording can be opened and edited directly on the selected date. The setting of the indicator is saved for future use.