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The Tasks page displays all tasks that have been assigned to your resource. The assignment are made in Business Central in Project Tasks.


Depending on the setup, the use of tasks can be optional or mandatory.

Creating tasks

Tasks can be created in Business Central only. To do so, navigate to a Project Task with a budget for services in a Project. Using the Assist Edit or the Line Menu, the Assigned Resources action can be used to open the page Assigned Resources. The page displays all resources and the time periods, for which they have been assigned to the Project Task. In order for a Resource to be assigned to a Project Task, there must be at least one Project Planning Line with Line Type Budget and a Service Billing Type. The Service Billing Type is set in the item. Items that are used for Services have a Service Billing Type.
Enter the following values to create a task for a user.

  • Resource No.
    Specifies the resource to be scheduled. This field must always be filled.
  • Name
    Shows the name of the resource.
  • Scheduled Start Date
    . Indicates the earliest date the resource will perform the task.
  • Planned End Date
    . Specifies the latest date, on which the resource will execute the task.
  • Project No.
    Shows the project no. for which the assignment is made. The Project cannot be changed.
  • Project Tasks
    Shows the project task no. for which is being planned. The Project Task cannot be changed.
  • Project Planning Line No.
    Shows the Project Planning Line number, for which planning is in progress. If there is more than one Project Planning Lines, planning on that level is potentially very helpful.

The creation of tasks in the Time Tracking App is currently not possible.


Duplicate assignments are prevented. A resource cannot be scheduled twice for a Project Task or Project Planning Line in the exact same time period. Assignment in different time periods is of course possible.

Filter lookups in time recordings by assigned tasks

Lookups in time recording and templates can be filtered by assigned tasks. If the filter is applied, the user will only see entries, for which he is assigned. Tasks can be assigned to Project Tasks and Project Planning lines.

If a user is assigned to a Project Task, the matching Customer, Project, and Project Task will be displayed in the lookups. The user can freely select from the Activity. This means that the user can choose from all Project Planning Lines of the Budget type that include a Service Billing Type.
If the user is assigned to a Project Planning Line, he is automatically assigned to the Project Task. In addition to the filter on Customer, Project and Project Task, the Activities are also filtered. The user can only select from the Activities that are related to the Project Planning Line to which he is assigned.

If the filter is set as Optional, the user can activate and deactivate the filter. The setting will be saved. With the filter applied, the user can noticeably narrow down his selection and make creating a time recording easier. If the user wants to create a time recording for a Project, for which he has not been assigned, he can easily unassign the filter.

Display of tasks

If the user's resource is entered in Resources Assigned in Business Central and the status of the Project Task is open, the assignment is displayed as Tasks in the Web App.

Grouping and sorting

Tasks are grouped by job (project). For each Project, all Tasks, that are assigned to its own Resource and whose Project Task has the status Open, are displayed. The groups are sorted by project number. Tasks are sorted by start date. The grouping can be changed to Customer in the user settings. With this grouping, the tasks are displayed per customer and sorted by Project and then Start Date.

Without date

The field controls whether tasks without start and end dates are displayed. Tasks that have a start date, end date or both are not affected by this setting.

In the search you can search for Customer, Project No., Project Description and Project Task. The search is not deleted when leaving the page. This makes it possible to create a Time Recording and come back to the tasks without having to re-enter the search.

Planned date

If a date is inserted here, all tasks will be filtered by it. The system checks whether the Planned date is within the start and end dates of the task. If the start or end date is not specified, the earliest or latest possible date is assumed. If both start and end dates are missing, the task will be excluded. t can be used as a shortcut for the current date (today).

taskstart- enddate
MoDate of Monday this week
TueDate of Tuesday this week
tcurrent date (today)
Task 101.12 - 31.12
Task 2- 31.12
Task 301.12 -
Task 4-
  • Planned date: 01.12.2022
    All three tasks are displayed.
  • Scheduled date: 31.12.2022
    All three tasks are displayed.
  • Scheduled date: 01.11.2022
    Task 2 is displayed.
  • Scheduled date: 01.01.2023
    Task 3 is displayed.
  • Scheduled date: 08.12.2022
    All three tasks are displayed.

Create Time Recording

In each task there is a New Time Recording button. Before the time recording can be created a date must be selected. In the dialog for the date selection are also a Cancel and Save button as well as the option Open new time recording. With Save a new time recording is created. If the option Open new time recording is selected, the Time Recordings page is opened immediately and the new time recording is displayed.


If you switch to the Time Recordings page while creating the time recording, you have the option to switch back to the same scroll position in the Tasks page. This allows you to seamlessly continue working and create more Time Recordings from the tasks. The Back button at the top next to the plus button, switches to the original position in the tasks.