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📄️ Print Preview

In Business Central, in documents that have not yet been posted, the Preview Posting action provides the option to preview the ledger entries that will be created when the document is posted. This functionality has been extended in DYCE for Sales invoices and Sales credit memos, so that a print preview of the posted document is also available. This functionality can be accessed via the Invoice Preview or Credit Memo Preview action (in the respective document via the Post menu).

📄️ Customer Dimension

In Sales & Receivables Setup page the field Autom. Insert Customer Dimension Value controls whether the Customer No. is automatically created as a new dimension value for each new customer. This is then automatically assigned to the respective customer. Dimensions are usually used for evaluation purposes and are passed on from the master record (here: customer) to the associated transaction data. For details on how dimensions work, please refer to this part of the Microsoft documentation. The default value for this setting is YES.