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Batch Sending Documents

Document Sending Profiles can be used to determine how e.g. customers receive their invoices and credit memos. The user can define different Document Sending Profiles and assign the appropriate profile to each customer. For more details, please refer to this part of the Microsoft documentation.
When sending posted Sales invoices and credit memos, the Document Sending Profile that is stored with the related invoice recipient (customer) is used. With DYCE, the Document Sending Profile is additionally displayed as a criterion for filtering the posted Sales documents in the document itself. In addition, the standard dialog that queries the required parameters for sending can be suppressed and the settings imposed on the customer can be used instead. The Batch Sending Documents field in the Sales & Receivables Setup is used for this purpose.
To batch send posted Sales documents, the user selects the appropriate documents and - depending on the setup - can also batch send.