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Extensions to reports and layouts

To enable the content of the DYCE Apps to be output via the print documents, DYCE Essentials includes enhancements to the dataset of the following standard reports, among others:

  • Purchase
    • Purchase Order
    • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Sales
    • Quote
    • Order Confirmation
    • Blanket Order
    • Shipment
    • Invoice (incl. details of services invoiced)
    • Credit Memo
    • Reminder

Furthermore, two additional report layouts for WORD and for RDL are supplied for each report. These can be identified by the extension name DYCE Essentials. The additional layouts are basically based on the standard layouts for the respective reports, but are extended with regard to the content created via the DYCE apps. It is possible to use them out-of-the-box. Alternatively, it is possible to copy and modify the layouts and use them as customer-specific layouts.