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General Setup

On the Prepaid Services Setup page, general settings and default values are made for creating and managing Prepaid Services. In the General fast tab, there are several fields available for this purpose.

The Automatic Insert Prepaid Service Dimension Value field controls whether the No. of the Prepaid Service is automatically created as a new Dimension Value for each new Prepaid Service. Dimensions are usually passed on from the master record (here: Prepaid Service) to the related transaction data. For details on how dimensions work, see this part of the Microsoft documentation. The default value for this setting is YES. To use this functionality, the Dimension Code for Prepaid Services field in the Dimensions fast tab in General Ledger Setup must be populated.

It is mandatory that the Gen. Prod. Posting Group Deferrals field be filled. The Gen. Prod. Posting Group for the deferrals of revenues from the sale of Prepaid Services is specified here. If necessary, it is useful to create a new Gen. Prod. Posting Group for this purpose. The G/L accounts to be used are specified in the same way as in the Business Central standard via the General Posting Setup page. Create entries here for the combinations of (new) Gen. Bus. Posting Group and the Gen. Bus. Posting Groups and assign the appropriate G/L accounts.

The General Journal Template Dissolution and General Journal Batch Dissolution fields control which General Journal Template and General Journal Batch will be used by default for the dissolution of the expired Prepaid Services.

On the Numbering fast tab, the Prepaid Service Nos. field specifies which number series is used to assign numbers for Prepaid Services.

On the Posting tab, the Post manual Dissolution and Post auto. Dissolution control whether the General Journals for automatically and manually created dissolutions are automatically posted directly.

Job Queue

The Job Queue is available in Business Central for recurring tasks. For details on how the Job Queue works and how to configure it, please refer to this Microsoft documentation.

With the installation of DYCE Prepaid Services, no entries are automatically created in the Job Queue, but it is possible to have the dissolution of the remaining amounts and quantities also performed automatically. In this case, please create a new entry for the Expire Residuals report (70921131). For more details on this functionality, please refer to this section.


This part takes a closer look at the permission sets provided. To review the permissions included in the permission sets in detail, please open the Permission Sets page (Alt+Q) and then call the Permissions action.
For more information on permission sets, see this part of Microsoft documentation.

Three permission sets are included in the app:

  • DYCEPREPAIDSERVALL (DYCE Prepaid Services All)
    This permission set can be assigned to all users. It contains read-only permissions to app-specific data.
  • DYCEPREPAIDSERVUSER (DYCE Prepaid Services User)
    This permission set is for all users who work with Prepaid Services, charging them and posting consumption. However, access to the setup is not provided with these permissions.
  • DYCEPREPAIDSERVADMIN (DYCE Prepaid Services Admin)
    This permission set is designed for administrators and power users who should additionally be able to customize the setup.