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The system offers the possibility to automatically assign a validity to accruals. An expired Ledger Entry for a Prepaid Service can therefore be dissolved on a specific date. The batch processing Expire Residuals (action group Process) in the Prepaid Service Card is available for this purpose. In this process, an automatic pre-assignment is made for the current Prepaid Service. Alternatively, it can also be called up via the search (Alt+Q). For smooth operation, an entry can also be created in the Job Queue (report 70921131) for this purpose. For more details on how the Job Queue works and how to configure it, please refer to this Microsoft documentation.

Prerequisite and setup

When posting a dissolution for an expired accrual, appropriate Ledger Entries are created as well as populating a journal to transfer the amount to the actual revenue account. The default regarding templates and journals to be used for the dissolution is determined by the General Journal Template Dissolution and General Journal Batch Dissolution fields on the Prepaid Services Setup page (fast tab General). If the automatically created journals should also be automatically posted, set the related checkbox Post auto. Dissolution on the page mentioned above (in the Posting fast tab).


Batch processing Expire Residuals (report 70921131) is used to dissolve expired accruals. It cycles through all Ledger Entries for Prepaid Services of Positive Adjmt. entry type that are not marked as Expired and whose Valid until date is lower than or equal to the value from the request page.

Default value

When you run the report, the Valid until date (in the Options fast tab) is directly predefined with the Workdate as the default value.

Ledger Entries and journals

For each dissolution, a new Ledger Entry is created for the respective Prepaid Service. In addition, two lines are automatically created in the corresponding journal for each dissolution. One line is used to decrease the amount in the deferral account (s. Gen. Prod. Posting Group Deferrals in Prepaid Services Setup page) and the second is used to increase the amount in the revenue account (based on General Posting Setup).