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Prepaid Service Ledger Entries

Inflows and outflows are documented in the form of Ledger Entries for a Prepaid Service. These Ledger Entries are created automatically in various ways - firstly by posting invoices for accruals and consumptions or by performing a dissolution for an expired entry. Ledger Entries are also created in conjunction with credit memos. Separately, Ledger Entries can also be created manually.
Ledger Entries are called up via the action of the same name (action group Related) in the overview and in the card or by clicking on one of the flowfields. In addition, they can be output or printed in the form of a report (Prepaid Service Statement).

Overview of the most important fields in the Ledger Entries

  • The Entry No. indicates the sequential number of the Ledger Entry. The number is unique and is used only once.
  • The Prepaid Service No. field indicates the number of the Prepaid Service to which the Ledger Entry belongs.
  • The Entry Type indicates what type of Ledger Entry it is:
    • Positive Adjmt. is used for topping up the Prepaid Service. This can be achieved either via a sales document or manually. This entry type is also used for balance lines in Sales Cr. Memos.
    • The Consumption type is used when a Prepaid Service is claimed via a sales document. It is also used for balance lines in Sales Invoices, either automatically or manually.
    • In this case, if an invoice for an accrual is cancelled, the entry type Negative Adjmt. is used. Besides, it is also possible to create Negative Adjmt. manually and deduct them from the Prepaid Service balance accordingly.
    • When the batch processing for dissolution of expired accruals is executed on a specific date, Ledger Entries with the type Dissolution are created for the remaining open quantities and amounts.
  • The Posting Date indicates the date the Ledger Entry was created.
  • A date in the Valid Until field indicates until when the Positive Adjmt. is valid (see Valid Until Dateformula field in the Prepaid Service Card)).
  • When a Positive Adjmt. is fully consumed or dissolved, the Expired field is automatically set to YES. For Ledger Entries with the Dissolution entry type, Expired is always set to YES.
  • The information by which document an accrual was created is displayed in the Source Document Type, Source Document No. and Source Document Line No. fields.
  • Quantity and Amount indicate respectively what was added or deducted:
    • for the entry type Positive Adjmt. the amount is positive,
    • for the entry types Consumption, Negative Adjmt. and Dissolution the amount is negative.
  • Remaining Quantity and Remaining Amount indicate accordingly what is still available for consumption for Ledger Entry of type Positive Adjmt..
  • Applied Quantity and Applied Amount contain what has already been consumed for Ledger Entry of type Positive Adjmt..
  • The field Applied to Entry No. indicates for Ledger Entries of the type Consumption, Negative Adjmt. and Dissolution, to which Positive Adjmt. Entry Number they refer to or which accrual they clear.
  • The Project No. shows which Project was used to create the Ledger Entry.
  • The VAT Gen. Bus. Posting Group indicates the posting group used to create a Ledger entry. In the case of consumption postings, the system also checks that the posting group of the consumption matches that of the receipt to be consumed.

Create Ledger Entries manually

It is also possible to manually create Ledger Entries for Prepaid Services. This can be useful or necessary, for example, for correction purposes.
After the Prepaid Service has been set up with all the information, Ledger Entries can be created using the Create Ledger Entry action (action group Process). The Create Prepaid Service Ledger Entry page displays the following fields:

  • Entry Type: This field specifies the Type of the Ledger Entry to be created. The choices are Positive Adjmt., Negative Adjmt., and Dissolution.
  • The Item No. indicates which item is used to populate the Prepaid Service.
  • The Posting Date indicates the date the Ledger Entry is created.
  • In the Valid Until field, a date can be specified until which the Ledger Entry to be created is valid.
  • The Amount field is used to specify the amount with which the Ledger Entry is to be created. This only applies to Prepaid Services with Accrual=One-time.
  • In Quantity the quantity is specified with which the Ledger Entry is to be created. This only applies to Prepaid Services with Accrual=Periodic.
Item and Validity

The Item No. field can only be set in conjunction with the Entry Type Positive Adjmt.. If Positive Adjmt. is selected as the Entry Type, the field will contain the Item No. of the last accrual for the Prepaid Service as the default value. If it does not yet contain an accrual, the field is empty and has to be filled. In both cases it is possible to open an overview of items marked as Prepaid Service and select the desired item.

If the Valid Until Dateformula field is set on the Prepaid Service, the value will be calculated based on the Posting Date. In this case, the field is not editable. Otherwise, the field is initially blank and can be edited.