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Features of DYCE Prepaid Services

Master data

  • Create one or more Prepaid Services per Customer
  • Mark items as Prepaid Service
  • Assign one or more Projects
  • Define the validity of a Prepaid Service
  • Set up amount and quantity budgets (in connection with Customer Contracts from DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing)
  • Display of remaining amounts/quantities


  • Offer Prepaid Services via Sales Quotes
  • Increase Prepaid Service
  • One-time charging via Sales Orders
  • Periodic charging and invoicing via Customer Contracts

Billing and consumption

  • Assignment a Prepaid Service to a Sales Line
  • Assignment a Prepaid Service to a Project Task/Plan Line.
  • Invoicing only after consumption of the balance


  • Create accruals also manually
  • Posting of accruals to prepayment accounts or deferrals via contracts (in connection with DYCE Subscription & Recurring Billing)
  • Automatic expiration of Prepaid Services when validity is exceeded

Prepaid Service Overview

  • Output of details on additions and disposals
  • Filter on period