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Extend contract

To be able to extend a contract quickly and easily, the action Extend Contract is available. The basic functionality is explained in this part of the DYCE documentation. Therefore, only the differences or the extensions are discussed here.

Extending a contract based on a subscription

In addition to the existing calls via the menu and the Customer Contract, the action is also available in the Usage Data Subscriptions and Imported Lines pages (lookup in the field of the same name on the Usage Data Imports page). This is particularly useful if errors occur during the processing of Imported Lines due to Service Commitments and Service Objects that do not yet exist.

Additionally, the extension field Subscription can be found in the page in the Vendor area. When the page is called up via the Usage Data Subscriptions or Imported Lines, the Subscription is automatically predefined. When calling up the page via the menu, the Subscription can be selected via the AssistEdit. The Quantity and Provision Start Date fields are predefined based on the Subscription. The item will also be preselected if it is found via the product reference. If not, it can also be selected manually.

Unique product reference missing in usage data

If the unique product reference is missing or incomplete in the usage data, the item to be used for the contract extension cannot be suggested by the system. Currently, this is the case in the Microsoft reconciliation file (CSV). This therefore affects Microsoft Tier 1 partners.

If the contract extension is executed, the created Service Commitments will automatically receive a link to the Subscription reference based on which the future usage data can be found and processed.

Rounding of the quantity

Since the quantity in the usage data can have decimal places, but only integer quantities can be stored in the Service Object, (commercial) rounding takes place when the field is preassigned.