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Tasks and planning lines

Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines#

In DYCE Job Billing, Job Tasks are used to record, schedule, record times and invoice all types of services.
Job Tasks are needed whenever employees are to record their times. This can be the case for internal (e.g. training, internal meetings, etc.) as well as for external tasks (e.g. workshops, trainings, coachings, etc.).
In principle, charging for services can also be handled via normal sales order processing (sales documents). The advantage of processing via Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines is that it is also possible to link the time spent with the services sold. Thus, a direct comparison of the time spent (consumption) to the revenues generated from it is given via the Job Ledger Entries.

Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines can either be entered manually or created via a sales order (action Create Service Job Tasks via Process). In both cases, a settlement is posted for the customer during invoicing.
Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines are often created manually when a service is to be billed quickly to a customer quickly - without any further administrative effort via a sales document. Creating a Job Task including Job Planning Lines is also the best way to record internal (non-billable) services or presales expenses. Further explanation of Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines can be found in this part of the DYCE documentation.

Status of Job Tasks#

Job Tasks can be assigned a Status. This primarily refers to the ability to record times for a particular Job Task. The following status options are possible:

OpenFor an open Job Task, times can be recorded, posted and invoiced. A related sales order cannot be deleted
Time recording lockedTimes can no longer be recorded for a Job Task with this status. However, it can still be posted and invoiced. A related sales order cannot be deleted, yet.
ClosedFor a closed Job Task, times can no longer be recorded, posted or invoiced. A related sales order can be deleted.

Details on Job Planning Lines#

Job Planning Lines of the type Budget are used to map the specifications for the services to be performed. Time recordings always refer to this type of Job Planning Lines.
When released time recordings are posted, Job Planning Lines of the type Billable are created. These later serve as the basis for invoicing. The link to the corresponding posting document can be seen via the fields Invoicing Document Type, Invoicing Line No. and Invoicing Line No.. During invoicing, Job Ledger Entries are created. There is also a direct link between Job Ledger Entries and Job Planning Lines of type Billable. In addition, a Job Planning Line can only ever be linked to exactly one (posted) invoice.

Billing of Services

In DYCE Job Billing, only Service Items are billed directly. Employees or resources of the type Person record their times spent on a task and assign them to the corresponding Job Planning Line of the type Budget.

Time recording

For the comfortable recording of times the DYCE Web App is used. The application is described in detail in the corresponding part of the DYCE documentation.